Liquor (364)
Beer (438)
Kombucha (18)
Wine (246)
Coffee Nitro & Cold Brew (16)
Soda, etc. (75)
Supplies (63)
Kegerators/Parts/Sale/Rent (63)
Services (7)

The following chart shows the approximate number of beers that you will be able to pour from the various size of kegs.

Size Gallons 12 oz. cups 16 oz. cups
1/6 5.1 56 41
1/4 7.75 85 50
?? 13.2 140 105
1/2 15.5 170 125

Don't forget.  When ordering a keg of beer, you will need one of these:

A kegerator*
Do you have the correct keg coupler (see below)?
Do you need a CO2 refill?
jockey box CO2 tank ice
Jockey Box, CO2, Ice (x 6)
Keg tub Pump Ice
Keg Tub, Pump, Ice

* Please note that Mike's Liquors  DOES sell or rent kegerators! 

For kegerator owners; please pay particular attention to the required coupler for each brand of beer. For your reference, a graphic of each is posted here.
Type D Coupler
Type D Connection
Type G Coupler
Type G Connection
Type S Coupler
Type S Connection
Type U Coupler
Type U Connection
Type A Coupler
Type A Connection

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